Learn Inbound Blog – Editorial Guidelines

If you have skills in writing content, welcome to write for us. Becoming a guest author at the Learn IT Skills blog is a great way to develop your future portfolio, learn the best skills and get more publicity. The blog attracts our audience from developers, website designers, SEO experts, content writers, freelancers, and startup owners.

We want to give a chance to contribute to the community. If you have outstanding writing skills and would like o share them with our audience. we want to hear from you.

On this page, we are hopeful for the best and unique content. It’s because you are interested in writing a post for the LEARN IT SKILLS. We warmly welcome guest submission, and there’s always the chance to become a regular provider to the blog.

Our blog reflects our community and the LEARN IT SKILLS to provide the best guidance and learning knowledge to help people be superior marketers.

Before you send us a blog, Please take time to read carefully our writing guidelines and the workflow for submitting your article.

Our Goal:

Learn IT Skills is all about growing a healthy digital learning community. Our blog shares the best demanding skills tips and offers our community members the ability to grow their profiles.

Our Audience

Our community is made up to Learn IT Skills learners. Who work for startups and major groups. LEARN IT SKILLS members are looking for advanced techniques to raise their skills and grow their brand.

Topic approval

If you have to write for Learn IT Skills blog, Send our editors ( email address is at the bottom of the page) your topic idea. Please include an outline of what the blog post will be about.

Our Link Policy

We are happy to link back to our writer’s own websites, LinkedIn profiles, and other social profiles. We are also grateful for internal links to some of our content.

Style and Formatting Advice

Once you get topic approval, please follow the tips mentioned below when you write your blog.

  1. Be clear in what you want to share ( Short sentences according to SEO)
  2. Break up text with headings
  3. Contain bullets points
  4. Standard posts are 1,500 to 3000 words

Our Reposting Policy

We ask our writers to submit unique and original content for the LEARN IT SKILLS blog. Once you have published your post, You are welcome to share and post the learn IT Skills link on your social media profiles or personal website, etc. In fact, we appreciate it.

Meet Our Criteria

We have worked hard for over a decade to create a blog that has won awards and is the go-to for self-growth. It is the awesome number of requests we receive to “write for us.”

Thank you so much for being so attentive

  1. Articles are about unique and provide real value to the reader and on any skill according. You must have wide experience in these areas to write for us.
  2. linked minimum 2 internal links.
  3. Add external links that add real value for the reader. These will be permanent and follow links.
  4. Realize a Yoast SEO “Good”
  5. Realize a Yoast Readability of “Good”
  6. Add images that are free and have the suitable credits include
  7. A minimum of 1000 words article ( Under 300 word is considered to be thin content. Over 1000 words is good. If you want people to find your article. then 245 is required)
  8. Properly use H1, H2, H3 in content
  9. All link will be followed and everlasting. One external link to your website add-in the article and must not be promotional.
  10. The keyword must be agreed with us first.
  11. Your article must contain a minimum of 3 practical actions that the reader can act without delay, and the article must be actionable tips.
  12. Our standard for articles is higher as we learn more about what our readers want. Please put up with this mind.

Are you Good Enough?

To manage your prospect, we reject half of the submissions. The main reasons are

  1. The writer has not read the above criteria. For example “please accept my submission” Rejected. checkpoint 7 above
  2. A topic which is not of interest, If not use How, What, Why, Where, When
  3. The writer just wants to link building as quickly as they can without a wish to share an article that will help people to be the best version of themselves.

Things To Avoid

Don’t throw ideas that have already been published on our blog. Have a careful search before you send your idea.

Don’t try to use our blog as a space for advertisement. We don’t accept self-promotional content from writers.

Don’t share articles that you have published in other media profiles. Before or you want to republish afterwords.

If you are still attracted in writing for us then you can achieve the above criteria. Welcome to LEARN IT SKILLS.

Contact Us With Mail

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