What Are WordPress Plugins? How Do They Work?

Do you know what WordPress plugins are and what is its functionality?

Are you a new user of WordPress?

It’s a common question to ask every user because plugins are a significant part of the WordPress system. They are most important if you want to make a website with a WordPress builder.

Basically, it is a small, lightweight software containing different functionalities that can be added to a WordPress website. You can use the best WordPress plugins easily, even if you don’t know any programming language. After reading this knowledge, We will perfectly know what are WordPress plugins, what is their tasks on a website, and how they work?

What Are WordPress Plugins?

A WordPress plugin is fundamentally a bit of pre-packed code made for a WordPress website. In other terms, That means WordPress plugins are used to add new functionality to your site or extend the accessible functionality of the site.

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Also, WordPress cms plugins are written in the PHP programming language. Typically they are made up of a maximum number of PHP and javascript files.

Moreover, 58,000 plugins are available in the WordPress directory to download or install. No matter, what your site needs are, they’re most likely a plugin to get them. WordPress plugins can be created by anyone and designed according to your needs.

As well you can add a plugin to add a contact form to your site. Plugins can create customizable image galleries, include links to social media, and much more. Many plugins in the WordPress plugins list are available as free and premium options to decide from.

WordPress plugins free provide basic functionality, while the best premium WordPress plugins provide extra advanced features and devoted support from developers.

Plugins can make huge changes to the site, and some wp plugins can even turn your website is to a fully functional site. Functional e-commerce store, connect social network, etc. Also, it can add minor features. Also, it can improve your site performance and help to rank in search engines like Google.

How Do The Most Popular WordPress plugins Work?

Plugins change interior WordPress files. They join together with your site system by hooking in certain places and running on the top of the site.

As the site manager, you can install or uninstall WordPress plugins business, activate or deactivate them easily. If you’re not using some plugins, then maybe delete them.

It’s very important to know about plugin features. Because each plugin comes with its individual set of features, you can choose according to your requirements. You may select some timeline plugins to display. With which add animations, select some features if you wish to disable, etc.

How To Install WordPress Plugins To Your Website?

There are different ways to install WordPress plugins, and WordPress plugins download from a third party. It depends on you where you get it from.

Firstly, here we discuss the automatic method which allows installing plugins right from the WordPress admin area. This plugin directory is built into every WordPress for direct entrance.

From the website admin panel, Go to Plugins > Add New. You will get a gallery of plugins that easily install on the system.

If you do not find your desired plugin, use the search bar to find The exact plugin easily.

After finding you require a plugin, Go to install it. Click the Install Now button. For example, if you want to install Yoast, an SEO-based plugin with more than 5 Million active installations.

After completing the installation, click Activate to turn on the new plugin.

After all, you can install plugins manually or upload them if you have purchased from third-party sources. WordPress gives the facility to upload plugins, install and activate plugins in zip format.

However, be careful of Cyber attackers that take advantage of plugins to attach hateful code to the website. Before the installation of plugins, make sure that the plugin sources are reliable.

Let’s start to upload WordPress plugins manually.

Download the ZIP file of the plugin from a trusted third-party software

Go to Plugins > Add New.

Select plugin file to upload

You can Drag & Drop files or select the ZIP file from your computer.

Click to Install Now button and wait until the uploading process is completed.

Click Activate Plugin.

How To Update A WordPress Plugin?

Go to Admin Area

Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins

Here, you will see all plugins which you have already installed.

Go to individual plugin > Update Now, you will see in a box

To update multiple plugins, Select all plugins you want to update by checking their particular checkboxes.

Click Update from the Bulk action from the drop-down menu, then click Apply

Hook and eye on automatic updates

Select Enable Auto Updates under the Automatic Updates column for every plugin.

How To Deactivate Or Remove A WordPress Plugin?

Go to Admin Area, navigate to Plugins > Installed Plugins.

In the installed plugins list, find the one of them you want to remove or Deactivate.

Click Deactivate

In This action, only turn off the plugin and won not Delete it from your site.

Leave out the next step, If you want only disable the plugin for the short term.

For removing the plugin from the site, then click Delete, Now plugin Remove from your site.

Wrapping Up

When you are working on WordPress, there are many things that are best for its performance and functionality. Make sure you can get right. The one thing is to select the best Webhosting provider company and the other is the best WP plugins. We discuss all the basics steps of WordPress plugins. When you select any plugin, be careful, as you don’t compromise the performance of the website. Make sure these are secure, maintained and up to date regularly.

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