Top 5 Best Free Video Editing Software In 2021

What is the best free video editing software in 2021?

Is there some best free video editing software for android and Pc available in the market?

What is the best free video editor for YouTube?

With the right best free video editing software, you can make flowless clips that are ready o share on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or anywhere else, with no ugly watermarks and without annoying time limits.

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Okay, You will see many free or paid best video editing software over the internet.

All video editing software has different features that you should look out used for, pros and cons. The following top 10 best free video editors will give you a good starting point.

For publicity by visual content, an attractive video can help to boost your brand’s success. But it is possible with the best video editor. Unfortunately, many video editors can carry a high price tag, But some provide equally good options without cost.

That’s very good for entrepreneurs; well-created product videos get a more engaging form of content marketing. And photographs by yourself. It can reduce customer uncertainty in making a buy.

In fact, according to online small business publicity trends, e-commerce products videos can boost conversion rates by up to 140%.

Good video editing software can help you display your products from every perspective by producing expert prompts platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or any other social media place.

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Many easy-to-use free video editing programs are available that can help you stand out from your competition.

So, If you are looking for the best free video editing software (like me), you will love this guideline information.

Now let’s get started.

1. Lightworks – Best Free Video Editor

It is the best editor overall free video editing software. It includes a simple and perceptive interface. So, you can select it for fantastic video editing. For more than 20 years.

Lightworks has been at the front position of filmmaking. Most filmmakers use it for making the finest film in the cinema.

Moreover, Lightworks provides full video tutorials; you can make a video to use these. Thus, it is one of the more available and easy-to-learn Linux video editing software.

Lightwork has a set of unique stock videos and music clips with 7 days of free licenses. You can use it in any videos and edit your program. It will give a refined look to any marketing video. So, you can

  1. Get High-quality, simple trim functions for fast and exact video editing.
  2. Best speed optimization, you can continue to edit while importing new content.
  3. Multicam editing functionality for syncing clips from multiple cameras.
  4. Simple sharing of video with fast export to social circles like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  5. Hold for a large range of video formats.
  • Ideal tool for YouTube video, Facebook videos creation. Who often want to produce nice-looking movies to share online in a straight line.
  • In the latest updates in audio and video formats.
  • You can get one option to save the project to MP4
  • Not easy to use for beginners

2. Filmora9 – Free Video Editor Windows

Most unpaid creators used Filmora9 software. Filmora Pro target professional video creator and Filmorascrn used for screen recording. You can easily add video clips and images with drag and drop functionality.

It provides more than 130 types of specific titles and text functionality. You can easily add your logo to videos.

So, Filmora9’s video editing software allows you to do nearly anything you would imagine from a standard video editor. you can

  1. Import audio, videos, and images in different formats
  2. Edit and attractively set these elements as you like
  3. Apply different effects, multi types filters, title, music, etc.
  4. Export your edit video in ordinary video formats and share it on social media.
  5. Remove watermark from video
  • A load of presets, available title templates, and multiple video effects different elements, split-screen templates, etc.
  • Fast video speed
  • Provide a reasonable lifetime licenses cost.
  • The watermark in the free version
  • No motion tracking functionality
  • No video key edge

3. Openshot – Open Source Video Maker Software

This software is friendly with Mac, Windows, and Linux. Moreover, it is open-source software which makes it one of the best software and easily accessible.

Reminder for Mac users it may be of iMovie for its easy drag and drop interface. That’s why it is easily run-able for beginners.

In other words, It provides advanced features like unlimited layers, video transition with fast previews, etc. In addition, it has plenty of options for special video effects, animation, and keyframes.

Moreover, it is really easy to cut and slice any video using this amazing tool. So, you can

  1. Boundless tracks and layers
  2. Trimming, snapping, rotation, and cutting video
  3. Transition with original previews
  4. Compositing, image overlays, watermarks
  5. title templates, making subtitles, 3D animated titles and effects
  6. The higher timeline including drag and drop, scrolling, panning, zooming, and snapping.
  • Easy to use interface for beginners
  • Unlimited layers or tracks
  • Open-source
  • Lags at the time, so, which create problems
  • That has not many tutorial videos

4. VideoPad – Available on Windows

Video pad is a fully featured video editor for creating professional and business-quality videos. Certainly, It allows supporting all trendy video formats.

Tracks. It has to give the ability of 50 visual effects, including 2D and 3D. In addition, Videopad allows you to add text, images, merge and import music. You can also add audio effects and make a round movie soundtrack with Mixpad.

However, you can get multi-track mixing video editing functionality. You can use it to export movies in different resolutions, including full HD, 2K, 4K, etc. So, you can

  1. Edit video using video library of pre-made transitions
  2. Export movies in different resolutions
  3. 3D, 2D video editing
  4. Decrease camera shakes
  5. Sound effects library, and you can use your selective music.
  • The functionality of 3D video editing
  • Complete media library
  • Healthy features for directly exporting to YouTube and other social media platforms
  • It does not carry HD adjustment
  • Not easy to use for beginners

5. HitFilm Express – Available For Both Mac And Windows

HitFilm is a professional video editing software. It is a part of a group of projects., a team of coders at the back of the development of action pro.

It provides a strong tie to make a community, which helps them truly inspire video editing software.

So, if you download this software, HitFilm Express asks you to share a status update on social media.

This software works with Hollywood studios, many software companies and YouTubers use it. You are receiving a tool that will help you to make a blockbuster movie.

In other words, You can get a video in full HD format. It has provided more than 400 effects, many free video tutorials and projects, unlimited amazing tracks, and transitions. So, you can

  1. Superior trimming tools
  2. Green screen effects
  3. Super audio and video filters
  4. Compositing 2D and 3D tools
  5. Layers or tracks
  • Featured pack
  • Really professional video editor without price label
  • Best for YouTubers, Vlogs
  • It May take some time to learn interface for beginners
  • Not available for Linux

Top 4 Best Free YouTube Video Editing Software

  1. Movie (Mac)
  2. Windows Movie Maker ( Windows and Mac)
  3. YouTube Video Editor ( windows and Mac)
  4. Lightworks ( Windows and Mac)

Final Thoughts:

Above all mentioned best free video editing software on this list has remarkable features, which are free to use. However, all editors have their good and bad points. So, you actually have to decide based on your needs and choice.

There are not perfect professionals video editors available for windows and Mac. Although, some online video editors provide the most talented results. So, If you want to create an extraordinary video or want to make some youtube videos.

For that, I had like to strongly advise the Filmora video editor. With their brilliant features, it can help you to make a super video with amazing effects.

Are to going to use this video editor for professional work? Do you want to select the best and free tool available for personal use?

Above all, the software will help you with what you are looking for in video editing. Just pick up the one editor that you like the most and start editing.

After using your favorite one of the best free video editing software, you can share your thoughts with us if you want any information about another editor mentioned in the above list.

Don’t worry, tell us your selective video editor then we will share regarding details here.

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