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The 12 Biggest Social Media Sites In 2020

What this means for a marketer on social media sites is that there is a high potential to reach and engaged the audience through social media. And that just not limited to the papular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. You can find out 12 most social media sites list today.

Maybe you are familiar with some social media sites, some are not. some might be greater for your product but that you have yet explored. In 2019, there were around 2.77 billion people using social media platforms with smartphones and internet connectivity becoming cheaper and easier to access.

Social media sites

We expect to see these numbers are higher in future more then 3 billion people will be using free social networking sites.

Maybe you know top 5 social networking sites, but you don’t know what’s happing behind them? here upload the list of top 12 most papular social networking sites worldwide. new sites are coming and going, but these sites have stood every time. The organic numbers of monthly visitors are gathered from different sites is difficult.

However, People looking for ways to connect with people through social media and social media apps. And at this time, people have found ways to be socially active on the internet.

Now, still, the relationship begins, grow and end on social media network. People no longer need a personal handshakes or face to face meeting with each other.

So, here, we discuss some of the most papular social media sites lists that are explored and used by the world. You can choose your favourite social media platform from this list and also learn about some really good factors. You can start your brand marketing usage of social media.

1: Facebook __ 2.23 Billion Active Users

Facebook is the largest social media site. More than two billion users active on this every month easily. You should easily start Facebook by creating your profile and connect people more efficiently.

Its provide many outstanding features to share your content in different ways like images, text, stories and videos in very less time. You can also market your brand and product through Facebook business page and link to other pages.

However, People can follow other famous people and reacts to their posts. It gives an offer of targeted advertising opportunities for those who want to increase audience and specific consumers. The marketer also used Fb messenger to send personal messages to customers about their products.

Facebook app

2: Youtube__ 1.9 Billion Active Users

YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing social media platforms. Thousand of billion users are connected with it. So, You can easily create your channel on it and share your videos based on food, cooking, fashion, health and education-related.

To get started a channel, you can create your channel as per your interest in brand or business, upload videos for subscribers to view, like, dislike, comment and share to others. It’s important your video content is original and unique.

Users must spend 40 minutes watching videos on this platform. You can watch videos without signing into. Basically, a business to use this for marketing because youtube has reached a wide audience. it provides analytics, creates interaction between users, and give you the facility to embed videos in other websites.

3: WhatsApp __ 1.5 Billion Active Users

WhatsApp is another social media app which people used to communicate with their family and friends. People used it for their business via WhatsApp users shares texts, images, voice notes, audio files, documents, links, and videos very fastly.

WhatsApp grown day by day over the years. Now, 180 countries used it. With gowning, WhatsApp introduced many new features to make strong interaction among users.

Users make a call one on one, and group call also features available. Its introduced WhatsApp status feature that gives the facility to update photo, videos, text status for every 24 hours. You can delete and modify your status ant any limited time as per your choice.

WhatsApp messenger

4: Instagram __ 1 Billion Active Users

Instagram is an easily useable photo and video sharing app. It allows users to share content in a stunning format such as photos, videos, stories, IGTV and live videos. That amazing IGTV for long time videos.

As a brand or product, you can create an Instagram profile account. You can check account analysis and post and give you the ability to schedule Instagram posts.

Instagram is a highly demanding, visual platform. With sharing videos and images on your stories and use a live feature of Instagram. Instagram is a top-rated app in the young generation because of its interesting features and easy to use.

5: Twitter __ 330 Million Active Users

Twitter is a viral social media site that allows you to post short text messages which called a tweet. This text-based on a limited number of character textlike up to 280 words. Twitter also used to promote your business and shop directly through tweets.

Twitter Trends

Users send-outs at least 500 millions tweet per day. You can start after creating a Twitter profile so if your business is related to fashion, sports, politics, and marketing. You can get tremendous engagement on Twitter.

6: LinkedIn __ 500 Million Active Users

LinkedIn is just a resume and job search site on social media sites list. Where industry expert shares their comment, network, with one another and build connections. Users also build their brand connection. It is also a place for a business person to set their leadership and attract talent to their company.


As a social media site its very famous in professionals among B2B audience. Its popular day by day and also showcase your portfolio on that. You can easily search for a job and apply. It allows you to publish your blog posts live on this platform.

7: Pinterest __ 320 Million Active Users

Pinterest is one of the virtual social media sites and highly visual. You can create a board, add images, products to the board. These boards create brand shoppable pins. Through these pins, the user can easily and directly make purchases.

Trough Pinterest people discover new things and be inspired. According to that 78%, users say that content of Pinterest is beneficial than other sites. It gives you a unique opportunity to shape their purchases.

8: Snapchat __ 203 million Active Users

Snapchat is an image messaging social media platform that allows you to chat with friends by using pictures. So, You can explore news and check out live stories around the world. If your target is demographics, you must go on Snapchat.


Most active users are younger, and they are spending their 30 minutes per day on it. It provides the facility user-generated content, behind the scenes, with amazing videos and good takeovers.

9: Tumblr __ 292.5 Million Active Users

Tumblr is a blogging site that allows users to different post format. You can add quotes, chat, videos, photos and audio content. It has 400 million monthly visitors. Brands are not highly dependent on Tumblr, but it helps to brand to stand out from other sites. It also offers user sponsor posts and easily re-share content facility.

share content on tumblr

10: Reddit __ 300 Milion Active Users

Reddit is another famous social media site where you can part of subreddits and engage with other users. You can get the least new from different sources on the site. Others are intact news, upvote it and comment on it.

It is known as the front page of the internet. Where you can submit questions, links, images, discussion and vote them, it has a different level of engagement.

11: Tik Tok __ 800 million active users

Tik Tok is a new rising music video platform in the social network. Its create outstanding marks on the social media landscape. So, Users create short, creative and unique videos. It has 800 million users around the world—use of this app to show off their creative side.


My personal opinion on that it looks like Instagram or Snapchat used for short music videos. You can record music videos up to 60 seconds, edit this with special effects. It is more popular in Asia.

12: Medium __ 60 Million Active Users

Medium is content publishing and sharing social media site with user-generated content. User can create content on any topic. When an article is published million of readers in the thew world can read it easily. They can leave feedback on it by using the content section.

It’s not a social media channel, but millions of people and organization share this content. The main difference is it, and It doesn’t have extra features like other sites for the main purpose but its shine the ideas of creator.

What is the most used social media site?

Facebook is mostly used social media site in the world with 2.7 billion active users per month. So, Whatsapp and YouTube in the second number with 2 billion active users.

What is the best social media site for your brand or business?

The best social networks for your brand or business depends on your choice and strategy. You will select more users and engagement site. But Facebook, Whatsapp and youtube are the best social media sites. Who wants to share the quick message, use Twitter.

What are the benefits of social media sites for your business?

Social media sites allow you to connect with customers on a personal level. You can share a post with the audience and respond to people very quickly. Many social media platforms offer target advertising options with customers.


These are some of the most popular social media sites, that you should know about in 2020. However, If you are a marketer, these platforms can help you to promote your brand and products. It can also expand your network or brand. If you are consumer, use can use these sites to connect individual and build better connections.

It is Confusing for you? This plane for you. This is a higher social media marketing ROL:

  • Must: Join these big sites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Should: Consider the leaser: Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube
  • Could: Once check out two of the little, Tumbler, Reddit
  • Possibly: Select your interesting niche site.

So, if you engage on social media, you will discover the social traffic at your own niche(domain). It will make a different impact on your site, business, region, target and personal style.

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