How to install WordPress themes on your website is not a difficult task. What is the problem? Exactly problem is which theme perfectly matches your needs. But before learning that, We look at what is your need to successfully select the best theme, and where you can find it?

WordPress themes play a very serious role in your website. It creates the professional look of the site, and feel of your entire site is just some clicks without coding.

completely free wordpress theme

You can get free WordPress themes in the WordPress directory, or install WordPress download theme buy from third party websites.

Many free WordPress themes are ideal for those who want to tinker with their code, and comfortable with it. But paid the best WordPress themes to offer extra support and more features functionality to meet your needs.

A WordPress theme can look complicated to set-up on site. Don’t worry, its really all fairly straightforward method once you are know-how. It’s very important to select the best WordPress themes free or downloaded theme.

It’s important to spend some time selecting a theme before install, as while the set-up is not complicated. It can be time taking task. If you don’t want to waste time to set up a theme that’s, not for your website.

This article will guide you with everything you need to know to install WordPress themes. and help you to set up a new WordPress theme.

Difference Between Free VS Premium WordPress theme. Does It Matter?

Difference between free vs premium WordPress themes discussion has been requiring a long time. This will give you a chance to save money. And go for the most popular free WordPress themes or invest a small amount of money to buy a premium theme.

Completely free WordPress themes are easy to understand and accessible from the directory. There are many completely free theme that you can easily install on your site and do customization as you want.

Generally, free themes do not provide full feature functionality as a premium theme. But if you don’t need a wide set of features you can use free themes.

The premium theme has a high-quality design and much larger functional features set. And you can get access to premium WordPress themes updates.

So, Free themes are a great starting option for the majority of beginners website owners. they are often easier to set up and give you the chance to experiment with WordPress.

How To Install WordPress Themes Manually And How To Setup WordPress Theme.

If you want best free WordPress themes for blogs, best free premium WordPress themes, best free WordPress themes for business and how to install WordPress theme from cPanel? you are in right place.

Here we discuss 3 easiest methods to install wordpress themes.

In the start, we elaborate you how to install a WordPress theme. One more critical thing to do first. If you want to change the theme on the website that already has content. Make sure you have a fresh backup of the website.

This will be necessary for resorting your site content in case. A new theme activation causes any problem during installation. Especially, you are not using a production site to test, as recommended.

  • Using the WordPress themes directory to install theme
  • Download wordpress themes
  • How to install wordpress themes using FTP

Method 1: Using The WordPress Themes Directory

Start to install WordPress themes with one of the easiest methods from the three installation methods. If you have not selected any theme for the website, start over the WordPress theme directory.

It provides official free WordPress themes that have been checked and inspect against WordPress theme rules. They are free to download and easily activated.

Install best free wordpress themes

Thousands of themes are available in the theme directory, you can select one of them as your needs. You can select any theme directly from the WordPress theme directory by using the add a new action in the Appearance sub-menu.

  1. Log in to WordPress website administration screen.
  2. Click the appearance from dashboard menu, Then go to themes
  3. select Add New option
free wordpress theme

3. You can use the search bar or Filter option to install a theme. which you want to your site.

4. Click on Install theme

best free wordpress themes for business

5. Click to Activate. After activation of theme go to check your website look.

wordpress themes

Method 2: Upload A Downloaded WordPress Theme

If you have purchased a WordPress theme from a developer company or website. That operates outside from the WordPress themes directory. Or you have download theme.

So, you need to upload theme before installing on-site. You must follow these simple instructions to upload and install the download theme.

  1. Download theme in theme .zip file format.
  2. Go to your wordpress Administration area> to themes> and click Add New.
  3. Go to Add New button > go to Upload Theme.
  4. After that upload theme from is now open> select choose file> choose the theme .zip file from your computer and click Install Now.

5. After installation theme is now ready to be activated. Go to Appearance tab and open the theme directory. Locate the installed theme and click the activate.

install wordpress theme from website

Method 3: How To Install WordPress Theme using FTP

If you have WordPress website themes on your local computer. It’s probable to install using File Transfer Protocol (FTP). After using this method there is a danger of deleting or modifying files.

May be your site go offline. According to this reason, we advise you that only professional users install the theme in this way. To use FTP to add new theme manually.

To install a new theme to your WordPress via FTP. You will need an FTP client and extracted website theme files.

  1. Download the theme file (.zip) and extract the root files. You must have a theme folder including theme files.
  2. Use an FTP client to access your host web server. And navigate to /wp-content/theme/directory.
  3. Upload the theme folder from this directory on your host server.
  4. Now you have successfully uploaded your theme to WordPress FTP. To finalize login to your account control panel> Appearance> themes.
  5. Stay close your mouse over the new theme then click Activate.
  6. All that’s gone is to check out your new theme and see how to look your website.
free wordpress theme

Securely Changing WordPress Theme

It is very easy for new users to change their website theme because they only select a theme>install> Activate it. But if you run a establish WordPress website, then change the theme of it is difficult for you and its a major step.

So, we highly recommended you to make sure backing up website content before changing the theme. WordPress theme can be scary but should not stop it.

Because once you made up a backup of your website, It can’t damage your content in any way. So, backup is important.

Keep WordPress Theme updated

A piece of final advice on themes is to keep the theme updated continuously. It takes some time of effort to update the current part of WordPress themes. Updating theme is valuable, each update comes with new features and functions. Such as best security and SEO and theme layout.

Update theme is very easy, you secure your website. May be customized pages can be effected and settings lost during a theme update.

So, we suggest child themes. These child themes make easy a successful theme update without losing your modification.

Final Thoughts:

Install WordPress theme on your website is an exciting process. you have set an attractive look of your website. You get the option to play with elements to personalize as you want.

Of course, to get there as you will first need to know how to install and activate your theme.

Start your website and tell us your experience about what is the best free website theme you can use and how it is best?

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