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How To Install WordPress Manually – Beginner’s Guide

If you are going to install WordPress for your blog or website, And you don’t know how to install WordPress on cPanel or why WordPress?

One of the main reason is that it is most expected, its great simplicity of use. WordPress is the best platform that comes with a modern learning arc. Do you know about one of the best things it is? It is that you can do everything manually, without extra help, even if you’re not a professional computer expert.

Everyone can learn how to install WordPress all by themselves. In fact, the theory of WordPress installation is so simple and famous for its five minutes installation process.

Installing WordPress manually, getting your site set up and running can really be a pleasant or fast experience after providing proper direction. So, That’s why we will mention exactly what we mean to provide today, step by step.

Install wordpress manually base on three basic steps:
  • Upload the files on the server
  • Create and link the database to WordPress
  • Run the WordPress installation in 5 minutes

These three steps stay unchanged in any WordPress setup. Because it is shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting or an offline setup. Of course, this difficulty may boost with mange hosting, but don’t worry about that now because it is managed service!

Now, we are going to share how to wordpress download or install wordpress manually using cPanel.

Tips Before Install WordPress manually

Before you start the wordpress installation process, there are some little things you need to take care of.

Firstly, you will need web hosting and a domain name. select any web hosting package from the provider platform sensibly. Make sure your hosting company have the power of lots of WordPress websites. Because you may need some WordPress related support and a solution of troubleshooting along the line.

As for your selected domain name, you will want to think of this one from first to last. Because this is the name that is going to be related to your business or blog. It is used by your future visitors to identify you by it after searching.

Basically, a domain name is your company or brand. If you need help take a look at our article on how to build a WordPress website or e-commerce website.

There are many tools before starting your wordpress installation process:
  • The best web browser ( any other web browsers which you like)
  • An FTP ( File Transfer Protocol) user is software that you can use to upload, download and manage all files on the server. Many FTP customers are free to install WordPress and use it.
  • Easily database access, Mostly web hosting offers a database access tool such as Phpmyadmin.
  • You can get website data from it. Also, You have to take care of all data. Its time to get down the idea and install the platform.

How To Install WordPress Manually

We are going to discuss briefly as well as install WordPress manually. This area will be enclosed in how to install WordPress on any web hosting. Install WordPress process is fairly easy. You should build WordPress sites one behind the other.

Let’s get started.

  1. Login to CPanel and download WordPress from
  2. In Cpanel create a WordPress database by click the MySQL Database icon which establish under the database tab
  3. After creating a database, add at least one user to this database ( you will need this info when creating wp-config.php)
  4. Upload WordPress to your public_html. Also, you can use the root folder using FTP and file Manager.
  5. Extract folder of archive directly into your Public_html.
  6. After that, your WordPress files should be alive in public_hml as the root folder. You will type after a few seconds to load your website.
  7. So, move all WordPress files from the extracted WordPress directory to the public_html/root folder. Alternatively, You can leave without moving files.
  8. Just make sure your domain files the extracted in the WordPress folder.
  9. Now navigate to your website URL to launch and installation the procedure.
  10. You will be encouraged to create a wp-config.php file.
  11. Must follow this without delay, fil your database information like database name, user name, password and database host ( as localhost by default) then click the submit key.
  12. Click Run the install to activate the installation process.
  13. Enter basic information about your site on the next page, click the Install WordPress button.
  14. Still, stuck? Don’t worry, Check this one on how to install WordPress manually on any web host.
  15. Log in to your WordPress, Goto dashboard and start work as you want.

Perfect! keep enjoying wordpress

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