How To Design eCommerce Website And Make Money?

How to Design an eCommerce website for the online store?

Do you know, The highest sales success and usability of an eCommerce website is highly based on an effective design.

What is an eCommerce website or online store? How can we design it and make money from it?

Nowadays, everything go-to online, including shopping. Suppose you want to sell anything like cosmetics, garments, kitchen tools, and many other things. Best eCommerce website design gives you the chance to build your brand. As a result, you can easily connect with more customers.

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Truly, you must have the right website design. E-commerce web design is difficult to set for other sites. All about using the right colors, attractive fonts, proper images, complete description words to convince visitors to make a purchase.

Get designing ideas you can use an e-commerce website builder. That gives a great impression, optimizes the product catalog, creates product pages, and adds the “Add to basket” button.

But where to begin? Here we discover easy, quick, and simple steps for designing an eCommerce website. It will lead several visitors to your site efficiently from the home page to Basket to sale.

What do You need To Start Any eCommerce Website?

Start any eCommerce website is a little different from the standard website or a blog. You will need tools and software for secure domain and hosting of your best websites layouts for eCommerce. Here we discuss what you need to start an eCommerce store.

  • A domain name
  • Web hosting for website
  • Integrated payment methods
  • Best platform or tools to build your eCommerce site
  • Your products
  • Packaging for product shipping

While building an eCommerce website is much easier than building a storefront. Still, it requires some upfront capital and hard work. So make sure you are a workout on the budget that makes sense of your target.

The Homepage

The homepage of your eCommerce website should set up for customers to the shop brand. As well as attract them to exploring your site further. Full width, best photography is much effective to make the homepage is more immersive.

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You can use the business logo should carry a brand, and it is an important element of the design. You can set the logo in the header of the site. In addition, the homepage provides the facility for users to quickly access key menu items, featured products, and search products.

Also, you can add a layer that shows how a drop-down or pop-out website menu will appear in the layout.

This will help you charge, and you know how many columns you will need in your menu. It will also help you how large the text should show on the menu and categories and subcategories.

Make It Simple

When you start to modern eCommerce website design, no should keep in mind one of the top tools is a kiss. So please keep it simple, silly.

Simple is always best. You can add more elements to the page like colors, design, and all the product pop-ups. You cannot require a ton whistle on your business website, and it ac as a distraction. Make sure your design is clear, simple, clean, and focuses on the sales target.

Create Branding Priority

When people come to purchasing online on your site, they want to buy from established brands. So, if you want to build trust in your plants, you need to drive a serious cell with your eCommerce business. For that, put some serious thought into your branding.

If you want to get the most sales from your eCommerce design, then take the time to define your friends about design. If you’re not sure who you are as a brand, don’t worry.

You are going to start a little analysis before you get designing. Ask some questions to yourself like,

  1. If my brand is a person, who did it be?
  2. Which things make my brand is different from other eCommerce stores out here?
  3. What we do better than others in the market?

Once you know how you are, then you can work on it. It will help you to build trust with customers and get serious sales.

Imagine Like Website Visitor

If you want your website design to be impressive for customers. It would be best if you needed to think like you are the audience. ultimately, customers want some things on the site that are easy to navigate, well designed, the shopping process is easy, straight forward and hassle-free.

It is very important to know what kind of layout is easier to navigate? How can you organize products? How can you set the checkout process?

So, when you think like a customer, you can analyze which type of design is suitable for the website.

Choose Colors To Advantage

Select eye-catching colors for your e-commerce website is about more than just saying, “well, green is my favorite color,” so show me all things that in green. Suppose you understand the psychology behind the colors. Then you can use it to your advantage.

Different colors reflect different feelings, emotions, and actions from the people. So, if you want to get an advantage, then you need to use those inspiration colors.

Use High Quality Images

One of the most important tips is common knowledge about images and the quality of images. High-quality images increase conversions.

Relevant images into a website design increased the conversion rate by 40%, and it’s true when it comes to the eCommerce website. For example, suppose you want people to buy your products. Therefore, you need to show them these products with high-quality product images.

Adding high-quality product images makes the long way of confidence and trust in your customers. Customers are more confident about what they are buying.

Make It Professional

The base of an eCommerce website is asking your customers to purchase something from your website. As a result, You are asking them to share their sensitive information like credit card, transformation information.

Visitors are not comfortable sharing their sensitive information if your site does not look like a professional website. Do you know which type of website is professional?

Which website has no spelling errors, fonts size and color petals, and footer design should we read from page to page. Your provided products links and call to action button should work properly. Your uploaded images of products should not look like you snapped them from your old storage.

Social Connections

When you add a reason in your eCommerce website design or an online store, you can add many ways to show your potential customers and gives positive feedback from your old and new customers.

You should add a rating section where PayPal can read your products or give you a five-star rating. As well you can add your testing on the I section. Where you can add your customers photos about what a great experience they had with you.

Also, you can ask your customers to review products and ask how many days can like them. You can also add to the blog.

Create easy categories and pages to navigate

This is another main point in the design of an eCommerce website. We have to click five different menus before finding the right product. Make your product page and categories easy to navigate.

Make sure it’s easy for visitors to search their product, and they can filter their interest products by clicking color, size, product type. In this way, your customer finds the right product.

Set Check Out Process

When you set to check out the process for customers, you must know what you will provide to your customers. You must need to make this process as simple, straightforward, and pain-free as possible by your customers.

Give options to customers to register for your website or check out as a guest member. You should mention everything clearly like which information is required for the purchasing process, give different shipping options. Also, give options if there is a problem with receiving an order and want to return it.

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When this process is complete, your customer directory goto the confirmation page. So, they know everything when to thought this.


The process of design eCommerce web development can be risky. Of course, you have to know everything needs to design a business website. But if you have learned the top eCommerce website design tips. But, that is not the only interesting, and it converts like extreme.

So, what are you waiting for design an eCommerce website? You can use these tips for online stores and e-commerce sites. Accordingly, repair the existing business site.

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