Amazon Affiliate Marketing

How To Start Amazon Affiliate Marketing And Make Money?

What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Amazon affiliate marketing is basically product link marketing. It is one of the best and popular affiliate marketing programs. Millions of affiliate marketers from all over the world make money through Amazon associate affiliate plans.

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For a few years back, Amazon’s affiliate marketing program was not available in some countries. There were no new payment methods like Paypal, credit cards. But now it is available in many countries.

Amazon Affiliate marketing, in my favorite words,

” Amazon Affiliate marketing is the super procedure of earning. A seller gets a commission by promoting other people’s and companies products. You discover the product, promote the product to others and earn commission as profit for each sale that you make.

How Amazon Affiliate Link Program Works?

It’s effortless to know the amazon affiliate link program. You need to amazon affiliate program signup. Then share and advertise the amazon products.

You can produce sales and get a commission on a product. This program requires You to have a website or blog, or app.

There is different commission tax for different products. Likewise, some categories have a 2% commission, some products have a 5% commission, and some have 10%.

There is some reward program and where for every sign-up or subscription, and you can earn a secure amount.

We will guide you in what way you can share or advertise Amazon products and make money.

How many Types Of Amazon Affiliate commission?

There are three types of Amazon affiliate program commission.

  1. Pay per sale: In this type, the trader pays an affiliate commission, when the affiliate sends a customer who makes a payment. Some merchants pay the affiliate at a fixed rate per sale. others like Amazon, Pay a proportion of the sale.
  2. Pay per click: In this type, the partner is paid based on how many guests get there at the trade site via the affiliate link. this affiliate is paid apart from whether visitors build a profuse.
  3. Pay per lead: In this type of affiliate program, the commission is based on how many visitors on your site. Who signup as lead or fill out the request information on the website.

How To Start Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

1. Create a blog or website:

To become an Amazon Affiliate Marketer, you must have an active website, a blog, an active app, and a YouTube channel.

It is beneficial if your site is full of content. So, it appears active and genuine to both users and for the Amazon program.

It is necessary for you must be able to explain the principle of your website. So, you Must have a solid idea of why you are creating your site. And which audience will you target, and how will you bring more traffic?

2. Go to the Amazon Associate Homepage:

Let’s start to create your amazon associate account.

Go to the Amazon Associate homepage and click join now free.”

You will be encouraged to log in with an accessible Amazon account or create a new one.

3. Setup You amazon associate profile by pushing new customers:

Once you have signed in to your Amazon account, click “New customer” and follow the rules to set up your account.

4. Add information in your Amazon profile:

Add your account information ( name, address, Phone number of the payee)

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5. Enter your website Address:

Add your website address, app address, YouTube channel name, etc.

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6. Add your preferred store ID:

Add your ideal store ID (it’s similarly the same as your primary website name). Give details of what your website expects to achieve, and choose Amazon topics your ink likely your goal.

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7. Explain how you get traffic on your website:

Explain how o generate traffic on your website. How to use your website, apps, and YouTube channel to make money?

How can you typically generate backlinks, and how many visitors on your website each month?

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8. Enter your Phone No:

Add your contact information like a phone number in your Amazon account. Click ” call me Now” and wait for the instant call from amazon.

They will ask you to enter a four-digit code receive you on your number. When this process is complete, Your account will be accepted and verified on amazon.

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9. Select payment method:

You will decide your payment method ( credit card), and Tax ID information is now or late. Then proceed to your control panel/ Dashboard.

10. Build amazon affiliate links:

Once you have created your account, You will be sent to your personal amazon associate homepage. Where you will find your presentation dashboard( like an earnings overview, monthly outline, and total clicks of links).

It is also available where you search for related products to link from your content.

How To Create Amazon Affiliate Marketing Link

For every product, Amazon affiliate provides you with a unique product link that you can share with people via your blog, amazon affiliate website, apps, and social media.

So, that why if somebody buys a product via your link, You will earn a commission from that product. Here we share some ways to create your product link.

Log in to your Amazon affiliate marketing program via amazon affiliate.

Enter the name of your preferred product in the search bar. And get the affiliate link of your product.

Drag the arrow in descending to copy the product affiliate link. It will generate a long affiliate link to your product. Moreover, click ” Shorten URL with amazon ” to get a smaller link, as shown.

Click on “Get Link,” or if you want the HTML code of the product to insert into your blog or app. Your amazon link will already be inserted in HTML code. You don’t need to add something in HTML code.

Choosing “shorten URL” of product. Copy it and share where you want.

How To Share And Advertise Amazon Products & Make Money?

At this time, we will guide you on how you can share and advertise amazon products. There are many social media platforms or ways that you can use to advertise your amazon products. The best and most popular way is your blog or a website.

Suppose your blog brings healthy traffic each month. So you can earn a good commission from the amazon associate program.

We advise you to don’t signup for the amazon affiliate marketing program if your blog doesn’t have sufficient traffic.

There are lots of ways where you can advertise Amazon products. First, focus on increasing traffic on your site, then signup for the Amazon program. More traffic on your blog has great chances to increase your sales.

On Blog Or Website:

It is easy to advertise Amazon products on a blog or website like you can share as banners. You can create blog posts reviewing amazon products like “Best laptops in 2020” DeLL has 11 reviews.

You can write a blog on “Top 10 Tablets that you should buy,” etc.

YouTube Channel:

There are many social media platforms for publicity of your amazon products like YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. But these platforms must have several followers.

If you have a channel related to cellphone accessories, then you must have thousand of subscribers. So can make review videos of cellphone accessories associated products. Share your amazon affiliate link on your video description.

On Twitter:

It’s very tough to make a vast specific niche audience or followings on Twitter. It’s a perfect platform to share your blog or product link. Affiliate marketer targets folks and shares their affiliate links directly to them via tweets or DM.

On Facebook:

You can use Facebook for sharing your product link by creating Facebook Pages and Groups.

On Instagram:

You can use Instagram to share your affiliate link via post and creating a story. You can also insert a product link in your description.

On Pinterest:

It is another interesting social platform using by affiliate marketers. Pinterest is an image-sharing place. You can upload an amazon product image and link this image with your amazon affiliate link.

When a buyer clicks on the image, then automatically redirected to your product page.

You can use all these social media platforms besides your website or blog. For more, You can search on Google and YouTube to “how to do amazon affiliate marketing on different platforms”. You will get complete knowledge, help, and ideas.

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