8 Best Virtual Classroom Software In 2021

What is the best virtual classroom software to use during the COVID-19 lockdown?

There are several virtual classroom software available that teachers or trainers can use in the learning process. Teachers can arrange Virtual training classes using different classroom software.

This software offers useful features and easy course creation, video conferencing, breakout rooms, mobile-friendly, and localization.

Nowadays, The world is much faster. And if we won’t act as fast to contain the sickness time, The lockdown may stick longer than predicted. The fear of lockdown is clearly understandable, but it should not more disturb your education process.

virtual classroom tools

It makes a strange sound, and you don’t need to discontinue your learning and training. Instead, it’s time to thanks modern technology.

Students and employees can control virtual classroom software and continue learning with their assignments and projects from home. For this procedure, the teacher and managers need to take the initiative and set up software applications. After this, the learning process does not stop during this hard time.

At there, we help you to choose the right virtual classroom tools listed below. You will pick up one of them for providing online lectures even during the normal situation. Take a look,

1. ProProfs Virtual Classroom

It is the very easiest cloud-based software for managing the online learning process. It is best as a multi-purpose LMS and virtual classroom. You can use this software to organize multi-type learning programs. So, You can add admins, allow self-enrollment of learners, share courses, and track progress. You can do all functions from a single management dashboard.

Key Features:

  • Course Builder
  • User Administration
  • Self Help
  • Reports and Analytics

2. LearnCube

This is a prized virtual classroom software as a great solution for the live virtual classroom for students and teachers. It provides the best way for connecting teachers with their students who live in distant areas. Moreover, Some people call it is a skype class for online education. People use it for tutoring, educational sessions, teaching, and training.

Key Features:

  • Download Free
  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • Video Recording
  • Custom Branding

3. eTrainCenter – Virtual Classroom For Tutoring

This is one of the best virtual classroom software, which provides all the virtual classroom tools and features you need to create an online classroom. Similarly, you may connect with learners in distance learning with audio, visual, online using whiteboards, application sharing process, breakout rooms, and much more.

So, The learners can talk with each other with the help of immediate messages. In addition, you may record live classes for excellence control.

Key Features:

  • Test chat and session notes
  • Content Upload
  • Live Video Sessions
  • Breakout Sessions and Live Recordings

4. Edvance360

This virtual classroom training software provides exclusive solutions for different classes from K till 12 learning to cooperate training. Just as it is planned with inputs from leading educational experts, edvance360 virtual classroom software can host different modular courses. It also provides an internal social networking system for collaboration and conversation.

Key Features:

  • Notification Agent
  • Mobile Version
  • Real-Time Chat
  • Manage Calendar

5. SAP Limtos

SAP Limtos is a cloud base LMS ( Learning Management System) for a non-stop learning process. Because it combines classrooms virtually, mobile-friendly classroom, social and eCommerce is a secure learning platform. In fact, it allows users to organize faster and make smarter shared training like course creation to assignments, course tracking, selling, etc.

Key Features:

  • Useable from anywhere, anytime, and any device
  • Flexible
  • Gamification
  • Fast Implication

6. VEDAMO Virtual Classroom Software And LMS Software

create a virtual classroom free

Another Best classroom software on this list that was intended as a virtual classroom software is VEDAMO. Surely, it was created to put up educational actions, but most business institutions rely on its cloud-based learning management system to instruct their workers.

This software put up to 1000 new learners at a time, making it ideal for larger schools trying to go remote in this pandemic time.

Key Features:

  • Student Portal
  • Session Recording
  • Breakout Rooms
  • LMS Integration
  • Class Scheduling
  • Virtual Whiteboard

7. ProofHub

virtual classroom software open source

This is an amazing classroom software that companies planned for companies that companies wanted to improve their project management activities amongst their team members, making this software a super software for virtual classroom training.

In fact, it gives you an easy interface where learners easily associated with their teachers.

Key Features:

  • Schedule Learning
  • See Customized Reports
  • Easily Assign Homework
  • Set Automatic Reminders
  • Collaboration with students

8. Blackboard Collaborate

free virtual classroom whiteboard

If you’re searching for very simple and consistent virtual classroom software, Blackboard Collaborate software is according to your needs. It can help you to meet all your online teaching and web conferencing needs. Indeed, It provides a toolset That enables you to join with one learner or a whole class.

At last, the on-demand learning procedure and the facility to reach out to learners, No problem where they are. So, this software serves as one of the best in-house virtual classroom software.

Key Features:

  • Learning Management System
  • Personalized Learning Designer
  • Integrations
  • Analytics and Data Visualization


To sum up, some virtual classroom software for schools and other learning institutions can use their benefits in this odd time.

Surely, this software enables schools worldwide to start their educational actions for their students in the virtual world again.

Moreover, Some software is especially understood by teachers and students, not for workers. But, when the learning process is complete, they can have a more remarkable educational experience. This experience is different in some cases from the one they might practice in a physical classroom.

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